Runners Without Border

Who is Runners Without Borders

harnesses the positive power of sport to connect Jews and Arabs, rebuild long-lost trust and set the ground for a renewed dialogue between the two populations.

Runners Without Borders was founded November 2014 by Jerusalem-based athletes in response to a wave of violence sweeping Jerusalem. The organization offers platforms for Jews and Arabs to meet, interact and cooperate through running, including the facilitation of mixed running teams for youth and adults. RWB also organizes races for all residents,and offers networking opportunities for community members in Jerusalem and beyond.

In just 1.5 years of operation, our Jewish-Arab Youth teams have participated in the Jerusalem Marathon, The Milan Marathon and the Berlin City Race. Through donations, spreading the message and event participation, a supportive global community of thousands expressed its belief and commitment to Runners Without Borders’ activities.

Runners Without Borders got one grant from the American Embassy and Consulate at 2017.